The Purple Rose

The Purple Rose is an organization of priests and monks who believe the world should be kept in a state of peace and balance. Over time the group has fractured into separate camps, only two camps are known at this time; the Iron Thorn and the Fundamentalist Purple Rose.

Fundamentalist Purple Rose
The members of FPR believe that Hugh can be raised and ultimately trained to actively seek balance and piece thus subverting the prophesy. This group of priests and monks primarily worship Aphrodite though they don’t seem to be strict about membership.

Iron Thorn
The Iron Thorn seeks piece and balance in the world but pursues the cause through force. They feel that training Hugh to be a peacemaker will fail because you cannot subvert prophesy. Instead, the group seeks to destroy Hugh thus making the prophesy null and void.

The members of the Iron Thorn strictly worship Ares.

The Purple Rose

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