The son of Duke Agustin. He is destined to become the greatest warrior the world has or ever will know.


Hugh is an 8 year old boy and son of Duke Agustin. Hugh prefers to be called Buddy or Bud. Right now he has no real affiliations with any ideologies. He knows about his destiny but doesn’t seem very interested in it at this time.

Due to his foretold destiny, Hugh is often spirited away. Not many people know of Hugh or his destiny, but those who do almost invariably seek to force him to their cause.


Because he is the son of Duke Agustin and destined to be the greatest military leader, Hugh has spent his whole life cloistered and has had his every whim catered to.

Hugh constantly talks about a girl he likes but nobody knows who he is talking about. This behavior began shortly after he learned to speak.


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